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Ordinary People with Extraordinary Dreams !


Little piece of my photography schedule from last summer. Exploring the Sahyadri, in search of epic adventures and untamed wilderness.

Day 01 Sunday -Wedding shoot at Surat

Day 02 Monday – Back to Pune

Day 03 Tuesday – Bike ride, Trek & Night shoot at Harishchandragad with Abhishek Gore​

Day 04 Wednesday – Ride back to Pune from Harishchandragad

Day 05 Thursday – Night drive & milky way shoot at Pawana with Vishal Naikwadi​ & Pravin Murkute​.

Day 06 Friday – Back to Pune after morning shoot

Day 07 Saturday – Trek to Rajgad fort & night shoot with Kamal Varma​

Day 08 Sunday – Back from Rajgad, attended afternoon function @ Pune, off to Rayling pathar & night camping with Vishal Khairnar​

Day 09 Monday -Morning @ Rayling pathar & back to home

Day 10 Tuesday – Off to Hyderabad for 3days wedding shot


In life there are so many things to do but the time is limited, and in photography perfect timing is very important. If you want to take landscape photos of Sahyadri the month of May and September is the best period. Last Summer season, it was an extreme summer and I was quite busy with wedding assignments but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to shoot beautiful Sahyadri.

I completed my 2 days wedding assignment in Surat on Monday and immediately next day I moved with my friend Abhishek Gore to Harishchandragad. After 190Kms bike ride and summer trek, we reached to Kokan Kada of Harishchandragad. Because of a week day there was nobody else on the Kokan kada, the whole world was ours. Bhaskar’s parents warmly welcomed us on their small hut at Kokan Kada. It is always a pleasure to visit Bhaskar’s family as we have become familiar with each other. It was my 3rd visit in a month to Harishchandragad. Next day, after a Sunset, Sunrise and milky way shoot we returned back to Pune.

Again a very next day (Thursday night ) we went to Pawana for a night shoot with Vishal Naikwadi & Pravin Murkute.

On Saturday me and my friend Kamal Varma, we went to Rajgad fort for the weekend shoot. We started the trek in the afternoon so it was really hectic due to the summer. We campaigned at Bale Killa and returned home next day, Sunday afternoon.

After returning back to Pune I attended a function in Pune and called up Vishal Khairnar for a night shoot and trek to Rayling pathar. We left at 11 in the night and Vishal was really excited as he was outing after a long time. It was foggy weather and no visibility during the drive to Rayling pathar. Vishal was a bit scared due to darkness and no man’s land but I motivated him to calm down and enjoy. We reached 2:30 am and pitched the tent. The valley was full of foggy and we could only see the beauty of milky way and millions of stars. It was a really as and out of the world experience. Not only the night shoot was great but in the next early morning shoot as well. Raigad and many peaks were coming out of the blanket of fog and taking golden shower of sunny rays. I was waiting for this rare moment from very long time for that I visited the place several times.

After a rest of a day again I moved to Hyderabad for a shoot. Though it was really hectic week, it tested my physical stamina but my mind got totally refreshed. I spend those days for exploring the Sahyadri in search of epic adventures and untamed wilderness.

What do people live for?
For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams


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