It gives me an immense pleasure to share with you the unforgettable milestone of my life that, I got a National Award for Outstanding Work in field of Photography (Professional Category), By Government of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I & B).


21st march of the year 2016 will hold a very special place in my heart. Venue was National Media center, New Delhi. It was packed hall to appreciate the contribution in field of photography, on rolling screen you could see pictures rolling among applause of people. I was overwhelmed by this roaring appreciation. I was called upon a stage to be awarded the national award for photography. I accepted the award amongst dignitaries Mr. Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister) and the moment I felt like time froze on an entire era. I clicked photos of Himalaya several times but the joy was like getting Himalaya as a reward. I was shocked to the moment to realize whether it’s a dream or a reality. I couldn’t hold my tears as I remembered those days of suffer and the tough time faced by my mother and sorrow memories of my childhood and also my efforts to excel in my photography.

No mother in the world would have sacrificed and faced a tough time like my mother for taking my care. Today whatever I am is because of single handed efforts of my mother. I won many trophies in my Collage & school days – Student of the Year, Best NCC Cadet, Best Writer (Hindi/Marthi), Topper in subjects ….and now National Award. The credit for all the trophies and appreciation goes to my dearest mother… My every success story is built on strong foundation of my past failures. I felt many times and though that failure is decided and success is like a mirage so I used to be sad. But my mother always encouraged me through her wise words and appropriated action for ability of me and never let me think negative.12 years of my childhood I spent annoying and with loneliness. I couldn’t enjoy my childhood like others; it affected me to be quite and serious.

Painting and Photography were interesting subject for me from my childhood and with a company of similar passionate friends it garnished for the progress… Aditya Budrukkar, Subodh Atitkar, Johnson Tricclore, Anand Pande, Pravin Murkute, Yogesh Jadhav, Dipak balwadkar, Dinesh Anantwar, बोम्बल्या फकीर, Shridhar Purandare, Khemchand Khairnar, Samyak Vimal Masu,Prashant Babanrao Lavate-Patil, Rahul Dharmaji Bulbule, Ravindra Waghmare, Poonam Pacharne, Shraddha Mehta, Anup Bokil, Amit Shripad Kulkarni, पंकज झरेकर, Soumitra Inamdar, Bhushan Mate, Suhas Desale, Sagar Shende. Unknowingly learnt many photography skills and many positive things from my friends, and could cherish every moment of life with support of my friends. It was a new experience every day with my friends to achieve the horizon to roam across India. Good Company is a luck factor and with the golden touch of good people brought golden days in my life. Of course just the Camera was a company in my entire journey.

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. The journey From Sahyadri to Himalaya, I got an experience of various curvature of nature and while converting those moments in to photos I learnt the perfection in Photography. The toughness of Sahyadri and the generosity of Himalaya impacted deeply on my mind and viewing through view finder of camera changed the view of my life.

I never learnt photography skills from any professional Institute but the passion and the eager to learn new things I am developing my photography skills. Photography and painting are the subjects in which your own experience and efforts can make you master. Started with Kodak fixed focused film camera. Where my friends were using advanced high end cameras but I continued with my basic entry level DSLR (Canon 1000D for 5 years). I was using the same camera till last year, as I had decided not to invest on expensive camera until I know the photography in a better way.

If you’re the only one out there because it’s too hard to climb, too steep, too cold, too wet or too scary to get a shot, then you’re the only one getting the shot. Accuracy and patience are very important in Photography, because in photography you might not get different output all the time. Sometimes I have returned back without getting anything after climbing high mountains in hard sun or heavy rains, spending 2-3 days. But sometimes whatever I got was extraordinary, beyond my imagination. Five days in a week of hard work and sleepless nights whether a company of someone or not, my bike my sac and my camera was a schedule of my weekend adventure. Until I get a satisfactory result to visit the spot again and again was pre-decided. In never-ending rain, inside forgotten caves, Climbing through tough rock, waited an entire sleepless open night in the darkness for astonishing sunrise, cursed each other in the freezing cold, fighting off storms, Biking off the unknown territories across India, abandoned all reason And explore the unknown, All to bring our passion for life..

The most loveable thing you do from bottom of your heart in critical situations and when you succeed, it gives you an outstanding results and a joy of happiness. You cannot imagine you would ever do. ‘Pursue excellence, and success will follow paths down’. I couldn’t realize the journey I started just as a hobby now it became a partner of my life. My passion has become my career for lifetime.

I dedicate this award to those who put efforts to achieve this milestone …My mother, My grandfather & grandmother, All My friends, My Sahyadri, My Himalaya &..…My Nation. Without them my sensitive mind and life would have become pointless instead an artistic and creative. Because of this hobby I couldn’t become whatever I am today, and couldn’t understand the true meaning of life.

‘The every frame of my photograph is built my Image through my camera’

इन आंखासे देखी थी कभी, वो तसबीर दिखती है अभी ।

तारीफमे तसबीर के केहेते है सभी, वाह वा ! वाह वा करते है सभी ।

युन सोचाथा तसबीर सवारते सवारते कभी, आज तकदीर भी सवर जायेगी अभी ।

तसबीर को सवार ते सवारते बीत गये बरसो, लेकीन तसबीर से ही तकदीर बन गयी परसो ।

वो सहयाद्री बहोत बडाथा कभी, आज वो हिमालय छुनेकी तमन्ना रखते है अभी ।

न देखाथा था सपनेमे भी कभी, तसबीर से तकदीर संभलजायेगी कभी ।















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