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1) Question: Hello Shrikant , we are privileged to have you with us, thanks for taking out time for this interview. First things first; we wish you heartiest congratulations on getting the national award for outstanding work in the field of photography.  Five years in photography with a basic DSLR and landing up with a national award. How does it feel looking back ?

Looking back it is a surreal feeling to really bask in what I’ve accomplished, it feels great and I hope to continue with my success this year. More importantly, believe that ‘you are a unique individual that sees the world differently than anyone else’. Photography is all about your emotion, passion, composition, subject, lighting, technical skill, etc. It is not about equipment. Yes equipment helps, but a creative and imaginative person with an entry level camera will always excel an uninspired photographer with the top class equipment. Many miracles happened in the journey of photography where a person caged between the four walls room become alike with the nature. Hobby, Friendship, nature and passion blended well and the award raised the responsibility.


2) Question:  You are mostly a self-learned man, what were the challenges you faced during your journey and where did you received motivation from. ?

To be honest it was just a hobby and to get pleasure out of it the journey started with many obstacles but while struggling I continued to self-learning and growth. I am not taught any photography skills by a coach; otherwise I would have become a replica of my coach. It is all unknowingly developed natural talent. Unalloyed hearted, without any goal with self-belief and the efforts are very important for me. I believe in Sensitive mind, Creative and Artistic brain and accomplishment. This journey will continue without any intention as I am unaware of the challenges and not sure what is the destination of this journey.


3) Question – You like to travel a lot and you shoot beautiful landscapes, is it the love of paintings that motivate you to shoot landscapes? Explain the moment when you decided to get into professional photography?

During the journey just kept enjoying the nature and the camera was accompanying so whatever beautiful I could see, And to see it again and again and to show others, so the interest to take photos will build up. To be professional Photographer was never my aim, by simply taking pictures I continued my journey, that’s why there was no motive or any incident to inspire to become a Professional Photographer it just happened automatically. I never really thought of myself as an artist, to begin with…


4) Question – Did your early photographic goals include earning a living from photography, or did it start as a way to express yourself creatively?

Initially, it was the charm of adventure and the opportunity to experience places and events, which drew me to photography, it was never an aim of earning for me and there is no other joy in earning from the most loved thing in your life. It is not pre decided career for me that’s why there is no specific goal only pure passion for photography. I don’t accept just to work for an award I am always inspired by my conscious mind to do my creative work.


5) Question – Your creativity and passion are certainly the main reasons for your vast success but whom would you like to thank on the way of your journey?

First of all I would to thank to God for this beautiful nature, I also would like to thank my mother and my close friends. Without them this journey couldn’t be possible.

Image Creates Frames,

Frames Creates Picture,

Picture creates Personality


6) Question – What astonishes your fans is the fact that you use a basic camera gear and are able to produce such amazing pictures. What advice would you like to give budding and aspiring photographers?

I am still learning and haven’t achieved the milestone to advise my fans but I would say “Figure out what your passion is, and then pursue that passion. And then persevere hard work is the key to success.”  One thing someone can do to improve their skills is being an honest self-critic. If you can exactly judge your mistakes, then you can correct them next time. Also, compare your work with photographers that you like. Determine what the differences are between your work and theirs, and then go about addressing those differences.


7) Question –   After a great milestone of winning a national award, whats next for ShrikantShimpi ? Should we expect many more astonishing landscapes and extravagant wedding pictures from you or do you have some rabbit under your sleeve that you would like to share with us. ?

Whatever I did so far was just an experiment but now I would like to explore new dimensions and the next generation photography.  I would like to try my hands on Portrait, and all types of photography. I also want to discover beautiful landscapes across the globe. Also want to do photography for social cause to help poor & helpless people, preservation along with swachata abhiyan for archaeology sites, historical monuments, forts, forest, raising awareness of global issues through photographic & help for awareness in Art & culture for students.







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