Ladakh Biking Expedition

A Journey To Top Of The World

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Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

 Route For Part III
Chang La Pass – Pangong Lake – Leh – Kiari – Chumathang – Tazang tso – Tso Moriri – Tanglang La – Nakee La – Gata Loops – Pang – Sarchu – Baralacha La – Zing Zing Bar – Keylong – Tandi – Rohtang Pass – Manali – Chandigarh – Delhi



 Pangong Lake (14,108 ft.)
Pangong Lake it is the highest lake in Ladakh situated at the altitude of 14,108 ft. 160 kms from Leh
It is 134 km long and extends from India to Tibet.


Bike expedition

 Pangong Lake (14,108 ft.)
This is indeed a heaven on earth. To be lucky enough to visit heaven while you are alive.



 Pangong Lake (14,108 ft.)
A long narrow basin of inland drainage, hardly 5-6 km at wide & over 130km long.



 Panoramic View of Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake affords spectacular views of the mountains & their reflections shimmering in the ever-changing blues & greens of the lake’s brackish waters.



 Pangong Lake
What strikes the eye in coming first in view of this lake is the lovely color of its water


Pangong Lake

 Pangong Lake
The best sculptor you would ever meet, meet God aka Nature….


Pangong Lake

 Pangong Lake is surrounded by giant peaks that are well over 6400 mtrs 


Near Kiari & Chumathang Brilliant colors of mountains changes every time

 Enroute to Chumathang & Kiari is laced with Brilliant multi colored mountains


Leh Ladakh photography

 Ladakh, which rests in the lap of Mother Nature with serene beauty surrounding it


India travel

 Valley is a contrast of sorts on one side you have lush green stretches & on other we have rock beds



 Tazang-tso Lake
A small lake 20 km before Tso Moriri Lake
The scintillating lake waters & tranquil mountains under shadow of clouds are some of the traits which make this destination worth visiting.


Ladakh tourism

You don’t pick a destination…it picks you



 My bike Bajaj Caliber & Tazang-tso Lake
It was a dream ride; ride of a life time



 Feeling of calm had settled & mind was at peace.
Many times road is disappeared, however the view one gets at the end of it makes it all worth it.


Tso Moriri

 Tso Moriri Lake (15,075ft)
Tso Moriri means “the lake of mountain” & is 240 kms, from the Leh



 Tso Moriri Lake (15,075ft)
‘In a hundred ages of the Gods I could not tell you of all the glories of the Himalaya’- Old Sanskrit Poem


India travel

 “God’s own country” Tso Moriri
Scenery forever etched into your memory


Tso Moriri

 View was observatory @ Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri, a pearl shaped lake


Leh Ladakh

 Tso Moriri Lake (15,075ft)


Leh Ladakh photograph

 The vision is spectacular to a level words will fail, Tso Moriri
Through clouds shriveling bands of light across stony mountain side


Tso Moriri, Marvel at natures splendors & indulge in photography



 Scenery look still like a painting, time freezes as you take in the beauty, Tso Moriri
Whatever challenges of harsh & unforgiving conditions we had, it was all worth even for single glance of blue lake tranquilly residing amidst mountains



 Make your own track
On Return journey Track is a mix of sandy and dirt trails littered with small stones, Near Tazang-tso


Ladakh on Bike

 Superb ice formation @ Taglang la


Ladakh Tourism

 More Plains
Moving towards Pang, flat piece of land is located at an altitude of 15,400ft.



 Valley of Pang
High mountain passes, towering barren mountain ridges, deep river valleys with yawning canyons, incredibly beautiful.



 The most beautifully sculpted gorge & mountains, Pang
Claim to have the world’s highest Army transit camp at Pang at 15,640 ft



 Parachute tents @ Pang
We got shared tent at Pang easily. Parachute tents will refuel you with steaming glasses of chai, a bowl of 2-minute noodles & omelets, after a hard day on the pedals. Such tents are available for accommodation @ just Rs. 100-150 per day


Leh Ladakh

 Designed by god crafted by nature, Pang
Precisely crafted by winds over hundreds of years. They are found all along this route starting from the Sarchu plains and maximum are found just as you are about to reach Pang


Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

 The Mighty Baralacha La Pass (16,040 ft)
Baralacha means ‘pass with cross roads on summit’.
Near Baralacha La Pass one glacier dropped on the road blocking us for few minutes


Baralacha La Pass

 Baralacha La 16,040 ft, 8kms long pass, equal in height to highest peak in Europe
Riding through steep valleys and deep narrow canyon under over-hangs in the mountainsides, through snow-melts waters and frozen ice-breaks, over narrow & water swept bridges and even across the abyss, this intended only for audacious bikers.


Ladakh Bike Trip

 Last day there was heavy snow fall on the way so we decided to stay in the tent @ Zingzingbar


Ladakh Bike Expedition

 Our Frozen bike @ Zingzingbar


Leh Ladakh bike Tour

 This mountain pass is considered being very dangerous because of unpredictable snowstorms and blizzards.



 Land of God – Valley of Himachal
Enroute to Manali 



Darcha, Himachal
Himachal pradesh is blessed with some of the most fascinating and exquisite landscapes.

After halt @ Manali we moved towards Chandigarh & after that our last destination was Delhi, where we successfully completed our Biking expedition


 Ladakh, Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

 Last petrol pump by Indian Oil @ Tandi, near Keylong, Himachal on Leh – Manali Highway
Next petrol pump is at 365 km ahead, if you moving towards Leh from Manali


36 M




Leh Ladakh bike Tour

A Dream Called Ladakh…



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